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 ip changer 8.52 all ots

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MensajeTema: ip changer 8.52 all ots   Mar Oct 06, 2009 8:31 pm

Multi IP Changer 7.1-8.52 !

How to install Multi Ip Changer- Instructions
Open Installer-install

2)If the available options open.

2a)Choose tibia version.

2b) Choose the port.

3) Press OK and then save.

4) Enter the IP number and press Change IP.

5) You see that IP has changed.

6) You go to Tibia window and to the "Options" -> "Network Settings", you need to come to the fore / remove "Test Server Login"

7)I normally log on to the OTS, as the main server.

Download Multi Ip Changer [7.1-8.52]

Ip tibia MULTI-changer 7.1 - 8.52 IP Changer is an application through which to connect with their choice
OTS'em. Just enter the IP number for example, found here: http://ots-list.org/ and enjoy
the new OTS. At various versions of IP changer is also a version
Tibia Changer with which the works.
Installation and service IP changer is as easy as:

1 .Start Tibia.

2 .Start exe file with the downloaded file. (decompress the archive first.

3 .If the available options open.

3a .Choose Tibia version.

3b . Choose the port.

5. Press OK and then save.

6. Enter the IP number and press Change IP.

7. You see that IP has changed.

8. Tibia go to the window and to the "Options" -> "Network Settings" button, you need to.
deselect / remove "Test Server Login" (It depends on the version Tibia)
I normally log on OTS, as the main server.
This latest version of IP changer works with versions of Tibia:

Tibia 7.1
Tibia 7.2
Tibia 7.21
Tibia 7.26
Tibia 7.27
Tibia 7.3
Tibia 7.4
Tibia 7.5
Tibia 7.55
Tibia 7.6
Tibia 7.7
Tibia 7.8
Tibia 7.81
Tibia 7.92
Tibia 8.0
Tibia 8.1
Tibia 8.2
Tibia 8.21
Tibia 8.22
Tibia 8.31
Tibia 8.4
Tibia 8.52 [latest]
Download the LATEST version of Ip Changer [7.1-8.52]


© 2008 IP Changer
Design by Asprate
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ip changer 8.52 all ots
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